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Thursday, June 2, 2011

NEW 9/11 Helicopter Footage September 11, 2001 NYC Footage


  1. 9/11 NYPD helicopter Right in the face of Flight 175 Caroline Dries watch?v=OnP29vCUeLA

  2. The more I look at footage like this, the more I am sceptical about the aviation fuel being able to melt all that steel and cause the building to collapse. On other footage you can actually see people near the entrance hole waiting to be rescued. The initial fire could not have been anywhere near as hot as was made out. Certainly nowhere near enough to vaporize all that steel. The fire appears to be extinguishing itself, before the building collapse. Those are controlled demolitions you are seeing.

    Never mind the Twin Towers, have a look at footage of the third tower collapsing. The one that didn't have a plane crash into it and no fire. That is undisputedly a controlled demolition.

    The evidence against the government seems increasingly compelling, even for an incorrigible skeptic like me. I think this is the real "shock and awe" Bush and his cohorts had in mind. What nefarious motives they had we shall see. What goes around... Expect an arrest of these people any time soon.