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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sharp Making Small 3-D Screens

Sharp Corp. will start making by September small, three-dimensional liquid crystal displays that don't require special glasses, betting that most portable digital devices will eventually be 3-D capable, a company executive said Friday

"Just like black and white TVs turned color, all displays will eventually be 3-D [capable]," said Yoshisuke Hasegawa, who oversees LCD operations, at a press conference.

Some electronics makers, including mobile-phone makers, have already approached Sharp about possible supplies of small 3-D displays, Mr. Hasegawa said.

Sharp demonstrated 3-D screens for mobile devices in Tokyo on Friday.
.He also said it will be possible to use the technology in large 3-D televisions, although Sharp doesn't have specific plans to release 3-D televisions yet.

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